Monday, 7 January 2013

Egypt travel: 7 must see Egypt tourist attractions

Egypt, the jewel of Africa, is a delightful country and a major tourist attraction. Globe-trotters from all over the planet love to pack their bags and scurry over to this historical land to feast on its myriad attractions and marvelous manmade creations. Egypt travel brings with it a wide range of things including plenty of sightseeing and even the memorable Nile cruise. It can be really difficult to check out all of Egypt tourist attractions within your short stay. But here are 7 must-see attractions which you dare not miss out on:

The Great Pyramids: Why don’t you kickstart your trip with a rendezvous with the Great Pyramids? One reason why everyone flies in to this nation is to feast their eyes on Egypt’s historical archive. And with the mammoth pyramids in its kitty, the country certainly has the best resume. It is really astonishing that the ancient-age men could come up with such gargantuan structures, which still evoke awe and admiration.

Sphinx of Giza: Giza is one of the best places to travel to if you want to check out some of the best monuments of the old age. Apart from the pyramids, Giza also houses the intriguing Sphinx which is as mystical as it is beautiful. Most private Egypt tours  include a Giza trip in their itinerary.

Valley of the Kings: If you wish to virtually enter the world of the dead, then simply walk over to Valley of the Kings, a stone’s throw away from Luxor, a popular city. The place is so named because of the presence of scores of tombs of the dead Egyptian pharaohs. The tomb of Tutankhamen is one of the more famous Egypt tourist attractions.

Temple of Karnak: When you are at Luxor, do make sure to visit the Temple of Karnak. It is one of the most impressive structures that mankind has come up with. The most engrossing quality about it is that it is the most colossal temple ever built. Its ruinous dilapidations add to its heritage worth and make it an absolute delight for any history lover.

Mt. Sinai: This one is for the adventure freak! Egypt travel may take you to arid lands, but there is also a frigid mountain in the form of Mt. Sinai. Beautiful sunrise, romantic ambience and an old-world charm make this place an excellent locale for spending a day! Besides, if you love adventure, then you can also try your hand at rock climbing or hiking!
St. Catherine’s Monastery: Just at the foothill of Mt. Sinai lies the monastery of St. Catherine’s. It is a very holy place and is covered by most private Egypt tours. If you have read the Bible, you must have come across a water-well located in this monastery where Moses and his wife chanced upon each other.

Egyptian Museum: Cairo will be another must-visit city and you can’t leave this town without having a peep-in inside the famous Egyptian Museum. The ‘Mummy Room’ and the ‘King Tut Exhibit’ are special attractions and will make your Egypt travel a very regaling experience.


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