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Egypt tour operator: Top 5 places to visit during Egypt tours

If you are a holiday lover, then you must certainly have been on a trip to Egypt. And if you haven’t still toured this country, then this is the perfect time to make that dream come true. Taking Egypt and Jordan tours is one of the major dreams of any backpacker. And it would be really unfortunate if you pass away without having ever landed on this African soil.

Egypt tour operator

Here are 5 special places you must visit during your Egyptian tours:

Explore the world of Cairo: Cairo is the capital of Egypt and though it is just a city, it houses a small, exquisite world within its folds. Its history is terrific and it has a strong cultural legacy! Right from its museums to its restaurants, you can enjoy the best of the past as well as the present! While the museums shall transport you to the age of the Pharaohs (do check out the mummies), the glitzy modern-day restaurants will serve you with the most mouth-watering of cuisines. You can buy a holiday package from any reputed Egypt tour operator and explore the entire length & breadth of Cairo. Also, check out its various shops ranging from the quaint ones to the contemporary flashy ones.

Explore the history at Giza: Giza is a must-visit place and the most wonderful city in the country. It is here that you can mesmerize yourself by staring at those great pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Your Egyptian tours would be incomplete without checking out Giza, which can delight and hypnotize you with the biggest pyramid that the country has to offer. 

Explore the temples at Luxor: How can you miss out on Luxor, the best place to step inside the ancient temples which have stood the test of time and gathered history on their way. Luxor is home to temples that have been in existence for over 2,000 years. This is really that kind of place that can make the hair on your neck stand up with thrill. A trip to this city is covered by most packages offered by a good Egypt tour operator. 

Explore the mixed delights at Aswan: Aswan is another remarkable city where you can just hop on to feast on its various delicacies. It offers a potpourri of attractions on your platter, ranging from the ancient monuments to the most modern structures. The Aswan High Dam is something you must have read in your school books! Do check out this enamoring structure before you leave the city. Shopaholics too will also have a whale of a time in this corner.

Explore sporting opportunities at Sharm-el-Sheikh: Egypt and Jordan tours are also noted for sports! Sharm-el-Sheikh is that blue corner where you can dive inside the sea and witness the underwater planet. Scuba diving, sailing, surfing and snorkeling rules the hearts of the tourists in this city! It would be hard for any adventure freak to say ‘no’ to Sharm-el-Sheikh! Ask your Egypt tour operator to include this city in your package. These water sports will add thrill and adrenaline to your holiday.


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