Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Egypt and Jordan tours: Some dos and don’ts for Jordan holiday

Jordan is a great place and one of the more popular holiday destinations. It is cut out from the convention, and is more suited to those who love traveling and have a flair for exploring the mysterious and unique destinations. Under Egypt and Jordan tours or under Egypt tourism packages, you can easily chalk out a plan for visiting Jordan.

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Here are some dos and don’ts which you must follow:

Egypt and Jordan tours
1. Visit the Petra monastery: Petra is a great place to explore the history and the remnants. Its monastery is a great treasure trove from the past is extremely alluring for anyone interested in history. With an out-of-the-world feeling and bygone ambiance  you would surely cherish visiting this place.

2. Do not make any hurry: When you are exploring these historic ruins, then you must not hurry or make any haste. It would be advisable that you spend some time, walk around, explore the area vividly and take photographs.

3. Do go swimming in the Dead Sea: One of the highlights of the Egypt and Jordan tours is the Dead Sea. It is dead since it can harbor no life. Its excessively salty content makes it a lifeless placid body where no fish can survive and no human body can sink. Swimming in this lake is a unique experience, since you can float without getting sunk.

4. Do not wear revealing clothes: Egypt tourism does not tolerate nudity or skin show by foreigners. Though, you can wear comfortable clothes like shorts, but your attires must not cross the permissible limit of indecency. Cover up properly and more so while visiting religious sites.

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