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Egypt tourism: 5 adventure sports to enjoy during your tours to Egypt

The pyramids and sphinx must be given credit for the unsurpassable popularity of Egypt tourism. Credit should also be given to the ancient temples and the Nile River. But if you thought that Egypt is only about history and time-travel, then you need to do your homework again. Tours to Egypt are as much noted for their adventure sports as they are for their historical archives! Some tourists travel to this country just to enjoy the myriad water sports offered at locales like Sharm-el-Sheikh. 

Here are 5 adventure sports which can be relished in this glorious African nation:

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Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is stuff that dreams are made up of. It is sensational, seductive and extremely thrilling. For a first timer, scuba diving is like traveling to the Moon or the Mars. After all, the underwater system is a different world out there and to check it out with your own eyes is something which doesn’t happen to everyone. Red Sea that shares its neighborhood with Egypt has a very animated coral reef and is replete with all kinds of sea creatures. Egypt Holidays has got a fresh boost after scuba diving became big in exotic places like Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Snorkeling and swimming: If you love snorkeling and have a penchant for swimming in crystal-clear waters, then you cannot possibly think of a place better than the Ras Mohammed National Park. This locale enjoys a beautiful marine park where you can swim and dig into snorkeling apart from checking out some of the most exotic and rarest of sea organisms. You can also enter this town through the internal railway system of the country. Internet offers you great facilities for Egypt trains booking for convenient traveling!

Balloon flight: When was the last time you soared up in the air like a winged bird? You may have been on a plane, but have you ever been on a hot air balloon? A balloon ride is a completely different experience and one which stays with you till your death! The Valley of the Kings is a great place where you should enjoy balloon flight. It can be adrenaline-pumping to view the tombs of the dead Pharaohs from hundreds of feet above the surface. 

Quad Biking: You can add more thrill to your tours for Egypt by enjoying Quad Biking. The Sinai Desert is the popular place to dig into this sport. Zipping through the arid climes of the rocky deserts on a Quad bike is quintessentially exhilarating!

Desert safari: Egypt tourism is also famous for its desert safari. A huge part of the country is a desert land and tourists just love to explore the sand and the dunes through a safari trip or a camel ride. Alternatively, you can also explore the desert through quad biking. 

All these adventure sports & rides do give a different dimension to your holiday. For planning tours to Egypt or for making quick Egypt trains booking, you are advised to take professional help by a travel agent.


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