Monday, 7 January 2013

Egypt guided tours: What to see in your Egypt holidays?

Those who travel to Egypt actually go back through the time warp into an ethereal world of history. Egypt holidays can be put on a different bracket altogether. They are not like an ordinary holiday but a truly mesmerizing way to explore the past riches of mankind. These days, it is very convenient to plan a trip to this country because of the presence of many travel operators offering a gamut of exciting Nile tours packages. Plus, internet has become a very good source for finding a travel package that would suit your needs and budget. 
If you want to take a virtual tour to some of the top attractions of the country, then here you get a quick look:

Pyramids and Sphinx: The major reason why Egypt is such a popular tourist destination is its pyramids and Sphinx. Pyramids have always held our interest because of their unique structure, sheer size and an element of mystique and suspense. Scientists of the 21st century are also left scratching their heads while marveling at the way the ancient man could design such a structure. The Sphinx at Giza is another special monument and a strong testimonial of the country’s rich historical legacy. Egypt guided tours offer you comprehensive information about these monuments and help you enjoys the sightseeing with full knowledge.

Taking a Nile cruise: Another way to check out all the pyramids and temples is to board a cruise on Nile. Nile tours offer you a breathtaking view of the river system and the various pyramids standing on the banks. These cruises stop over at all interesting places so that you can look around and explore the surroundings.

Valley of the Kings: Another must-visit spot and a very popular sightseeing attraction is the Valley of the Kings. It is basically an area where many of the Egyptian kings are buried in their tombs. The tomb of the famous king Tutankhamen is also present here and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 

Temple of Karnak: Temple of Karnak must also form a part of your Egypt holidays. It is a very old temple and easily takes you to the ancient times. It is also the largest temple built by humans. Thus, there is plenty to look forward to while visiting Luxor, where this temple is situated. 

Markets and bazaars: Under the Egypt guided tours, you should also check out the various markets and local bazaars of the country. Cairo, the capital city, has plenty of shopping destinations to offer to any traveler. Aswan is another cool place where one can come across markets which have that Arabian Nights feel. A shopaholic will surely feel spoiled in this part of the world. 

Visiting a papyrus factory: Try to add multiple shades of fun to your Egypt holidays by trying out something new! Some visitors love to pay a visit to a papyrus factory where one can gain knowledge about the oldest form of writing. 

Hundreds of other attractions, exciting culture, delicious cuisines and hospitable guides make your Egypt tour an unforgettable affair.


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