Monday, 4 January 2016

Make your travel safe and memorable in Egypt with Ask Aladdin

Travelling to other countries means a lot for most of the tourist. Different countries of the world have different culture, different notions, perceptions, crowd and rituals which most of us know before leaving for the tour. Being different from each other, there are always some risks associated with some countries. However, in general Egypt is considered particularly to be safe for most of the tourists. Even the general crowd is very friendly and in case on needs assistance they are always ready to help.

Before asking helps from anyone else, it’s better to choose services that offer complete guide services and leaving no scope for such helps. Egypt Tour Operator by Ask Aladdin are properly trained and well versed with the situation- political and economical, history and nook and corners of various cities. They will be ready to help you whenever and however they can. In fact, the people of Egypt themselves try to help you as much as you can. To ensure the safety of passengers and visitors, military official often come to check your passports, and identity. Even when it comes to casual crimes, including pick pocketing, robberies etc. the place is quite safe and is really easy to go unlike any other western country.

Even the prices in the country are far cheaper and the tourists can bargain with ease. The hotel staff as well as the Egypt Tour Operator by Ask Aladdin makes sure that the foreign tourists or their clients are in great comfort anyways within and outside the hotel premises. Cairo, a city within Egypt is cosmopolitan and is far more adventurous than other cities in the country.

Egypt security at a glance:

·         The security situation in Egypt is strict and is often exaggerated shown by Western media outlets. The people from outside the world have a misconception about the place, however the authorities are well aware and keep things in control.
·         If you are in the country, and there is some curfew then you can travel outside only if you have to catch a flight or the medical condition is very serious. It is ideal to sit within your hotel at such times.
·         It is prohibited to click photographs of soldiers and military officials. It is considered inapt and not ideal in the country.
·         The Egyptian embassies keep on updating the information and keep the agents informed about the situation and that’s why it is advised to ensure that the person asks the embassy before taking the flight.
·         The hotel staff in Egypt are usually well informed and keeps their clients also informed. They can always help you with travel information and you can consult them before leaving the hotel.
·         Travel in public transport is you are aware of the prices and fares and do not travel to secluded places in public transports alone.

·         Cairo is adventurous and little unsafe and that’s why you are suggested to visit the place in surveillance of agents.


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