Monday, 7 December 2015

Egypt Travel - A Memorable Tour in Nile Cruise

Egypt is a country that is superlative, hosting the pyramids, colourful lively bazaars, oldest temples, sandy deserts and all the aesthetic monuments. A water based trip in the country is a trip worth loving. A typical Nile cruise offers surprising visuals, a good enough time that can be spent on land and more. Nile Cruises by Ask Aladdin can take you on a voyage where one gets the opportunity to be hard pressed by the beauty of longest river in the world. Some of the scenes can produce the moments of awe for you leaving you wondering why you were not here before.

If you chose to go on a Nile Cruises by Ask Aladdin then it will surely be an all exclusive trip which will offer you accommodation, sightseeing, transportation and food as per the options you have selected. This is the best thing that you can expect from an ultimate tour. It’s best if you get some best deals for your cruise. Here is a detailed list of all the luxuries that you will get with our cruise trips:

Food on board:
The Nile cruise accommodations are entirely based on full board and include all the meals. The meals on such cruises are offered in the form of open buffet with multiple varieties of food. The food depends mostly on the quality and type of cruise boat you have selected. The meals on cruise are served with a time table set for each day.


Mostly there are regular entertainment programmes that may differ from one cruise to another. The usual pattern is that on the first day, the cruise ships usually host a cocktail party which is thrown and presented by boat managers. You will be offered free drinks and will get introduced to the board passengers and senior staff. This party is called as Manager’s party and its best if you wear smart clothes. After all its all about first impression.

Onboard Dressing:

During onboard day time, you can wear anything you like, including shorts. However due to heat and extreme sunlight it is recommended to wear light weight clothes. Moreover, it is better if you cover you arms and legs to avoid tanning and dehydration.

Health and Safety:

All the Nile cruises come with safety features, life jackets and other first aid boxed that are usually placed under your cabin bed. Avoid smoking and drinking while on cruise.

Extra Bills:

It is the best practice to settle down all the dues on the last day of your cruise. All the extra bills including the beverage bills, laundry, telephone bills, etc must be paid on the same day when you are checking out. You can make payments via credit cards, cash, or traveller’s cheque. Keep yourself equipped with enough cash so that in case of credit or debit card failures you can pay it off.


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