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Sinai and Red Sea: all about great entertainment

Sinai is one of the most popular locations at Egypt from the point of tourism as well as from the point of Egypt’s historical significance. Sinai covers only 64,000 sq. km. Tourists avail Sinai Travel Information for two reasons: Sinai is counted as a holy place for Christians and it is the most famous spots for sea diving.


The significance of the place Sinai was always on the top because of the manifold locational advantages. In ancient age, it was a pilgrims’ route as well as it was a cultural hub in Egyptian territory. Presently, it is counted as one of the places housing some of the most famous archaeological monuments of Egypt like The St. Catherine Monastery.The famous Mount Sinai, which is believed as the Holy place where God has given Moses the famous 10 commandments, is also positioned in Sinai. 

Sinai is located amidst the desert and it is a part of Arabian Peninsula. The southern part of Sinai is the most beautiful part of this region with exquisite coral reefs and some of the best sea diving spots in Africa.


Visa requirement in Sinai

According to Sinai Tourist Information, You will require an entry visa atSinai Airport. If you have a tour plan to visit Sharm or Ras Mohamed National Park, you have to arrange an Egypt Visa before entering Sinai.  
How to visit Sinai

It is extremely easy to arrive at Sinai. You can take a domestic flight from Cairo. It takes around 30 minutes time to reach at Sinai.

You can take East delta bus to Sharm El-sheik, and the journey takes around 7-8 hours’ time. The bus stops at the city of El Tur around 100km away from Shram.


You can travel from Hurghada to Sharm by Ferry boat: click here to check the schedule of the ferry boat.

Diving into Sharm

The city of Sharm El-sheik is one of the most visited places in Egypt for luxury water sport amenities. According to the latest Sinai Tourist Information this place has plenty of tourist facilities of international standard.

The city provides someexotic arrangements of diving and snorkelling. It is also a model place for open water diving and gaining a PADI or CMAS certificate. In order to hire tanks and diving equipment here tourists have to produce an internationally recognized certificate.

Most of the dive courses are scheduled for 5 days in open water; tourists want to obtain such license have to complete the introductory course.

Blue hole

Diving Spots in Sinai

Shark bay / Ras um Elsied / Blue hole in dahab/ Dunraven / EL gharkana /EL muquilila
Rasatantur / Ras Abu GaluomRasnosarani / Ras umm sied /Sun pool/ thistle groom
Ras el Mamleh/ Maganna beach/ Ras Mohammed national park /Tiran island protected area / The tower , amorphous / Turtle bay / Jackson and Gordon reefs.


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