Monday, 6 October 2014

Experience the harmonious culture and tradition in Egypt

Egypt, you can say is a beautiful country, full of mystique and confluence of different cultures. Egypt is one of the earliest known civilizations, whereby you will find the confluence of traditional and modern culture and traditions. 

Egyptian culture and tradition

Basically, I found Egyptian culture and traditions are a confluence of culture of Europe, Middle East and Africa. People follow Islamic and Christian culture. This makes Egypt a very cosmopolitan country. They have a mixed culture of ancient tribal customs of Pharaohs and modernity. They have kept their ancient history intact and have created a new and modern cultural identity for themselves.

Egypt holidays and traditions

People are very courteous and always have a smiling face. They are a very good host to tourists. They look up to Egypt holidays and traditions. Women generally keep themselves properly covered from head to toe as a symbol of Muslim piety and modesty. When one enters a mosque, mausoleum or a madrasas, they should keep their shoes at the entryway. I enjoyed the Egyptian traditional cuisine comprising of Full medames, Kushari and Molokhia. Also food of the Eastern Mediterranean like Kebabs and Falafel are popular. Main languages spoken are Arabic and English.

Main holidays on Egypt’s calendar

Major Public holidays are
·         Coptic Christmas day on 7th January
·         Sinai liberation day on 25th April
·         Worker’s day on 1st May
·         Revolution Day on 23rd July
·         Victory day on 6th October
·         Suez liberation day on 13th October
·         Victory day on 23rd December
Both Islamic and Coptic calendar is followed. Few other holidays like Eid Al Adha, Eid El Fitr are followed according to the Islamic calendar, so dates may vary. Ramadan is the holy month, followed by fasting the whole day and taking food at sunset. Egypt holidays and traditions,both can be enjoyed if you at the right place at the right time.


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