Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Egypt Holiday Tours - Places to Visit in Egypt

The charm of Egypt is next to none. So the next time you decide to take a break from your prosaic life, try to plan an Egypt trip. Even if you have been to this destination before, you surely won’t mind a second trip. And in case you are still to eye the pyramids and stare at the Sphinx, the Askaladdin Egypt Holiday’s packages are all yours for the taking.

Just to ignite your interest a bit and also to educate you, here are some of the places which are must-visits for a tourist:

1.      Cairo: Cairo is the country’s capital and has to feature in your itinerary. It is here that you can run into Giza’s pyramids and Sphinx. Besides, you will also be stumped by the enigmatic historic collections at the Egyptian Museum and the fine display of culture and artifacts at the Khan el Khalili Bazaar. 

2.      Luxor: Cairo’s popularity can only be matched by Luxor which is another one-of-a-kind destination. Though its attractions like the Temple of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are traditionally the favorite tourist spots, the town has, of late, gained a lot of reputation for its hot air balloon rides. 

3.      Aswan and Alexandria: These twin towns may not have the best attractions but they have their own personality and some distinctly beautiful landmarks. You can also check them out by opting for the right Askaladdin Egypt Holidays packages.

4.      Sharm el Sheikh: If you wish to spice things up a bit, do make sure to visit Sharm el Sheikh. It is a beach destination and has a roaring sea culture with heady water sports and an electrical atmosphere. 


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