Monday, 9 December 2013

3 Tips must remember: Your Bed and Breakfast in Egypt Tourism Guides
Egypt’s tourism has been on the upswing ever since holiday packages began to be framed for budget-friendly tourists. Packages for Egypt Tourism by Askaladdin come in a wide range of prices so as to cater to all people. In Egypt, you can stay in a hotel or you may opt to stay in a cruise. Ideally, if you wish to minimize travelling and all the hassles it brings with itself, you should settle for Nile cruise. Nile cruise will exempt you from the regular check-ins and check-outs and moving to different destinations like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and the likes.  

When you are on board on the Nile, you should remember a few things regarding your bed and breakfast: 

i.                    Open buffet: Most of the meals are served in an open buffet system. There are good varieties and one can expect some delicious choices. One can avail packages most of which include all meals. 

ii.                  Fixed timetable: When in a cruise, you have to learn to eat along with others. The timetable for serving of meals is fixed so that everyone should expect it at a pre-decided time. For instance, beverages like tea or coffee are available in the evening at around 5-5:30 pm. 

iii.                Extra drinks for extra cost: While the free drinks are served at a fixed timetable, tourists with exclusive tastes and extra appetite may also order special drinks by paying extra charge.
For more information, you can refer to other plans and details chalked out for Egypt Tourism by Askaladdin.


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