Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Egypt Tour Packages with Expert Tour Guides

Planning to visit Egypt during this holiday season? Well, you are on the right track Egypt Travel Packages will help you more in making your trip convenient. Egypt is the perfect and oldest holiday destination. Egypt is a treasure trove of ancient cities, deserts, great mosques, historic empires and stunning resorts. Egypt is definitely a worthwhile country to visit.

From ancient tombs to the largest mosque, you will find Egypt's largest archaeological site in the world. Those who want to travel just to increase their holiday adventure Egypt will not let them down. The most famous scuba diving or the most wonderful camel safari in the Egyptian desert and adventure tourist spot are famous among visitors.

Before you pack your bags, for a minute lend your eyes on to below expert tour guide tips-

Egypt has the perfect weather for a perfect holiday. The best time to travel to Egypt is summer, from January to June. Although heat can make you difficult to win at this time, you can chill in a country resort. If you plan to visit the Nile cruise, it is best to travel to Egypt from October to April, because at this time you can enjoy the most representative spots at moderate temperatures. If diving at the Red Sea Beach is your thing, visit Egypt from June to September. Egypt has the coldest night and perfect weather conditions.
Nile cruise for Nile tours,

Second, change your currency to Egyptian currency. All Egyptian airports provide local Egyptian currency exchange facilities. The airport's banks are open 24 hours a day, so you can always redeem your money. When travelling in a country, you should put your country banknotes and coins in your pocket. You can convert a large denomination to a smaller denomination because it becomes more reliable when your funds are split into smaller discounts. Make sure to buy Egyptian currency or the dollar, the pound and the euro just to be on the safe side.

Don’t miss the best places of the Egypt and the best tourist attractions in the country. For the best experience, hire an Egyptian tour guide and Egypt Travel Packages by Ask Aladdin to make your journey more enjoyable.

Look at your best place to travel to Egypt:

Hurghada - Known for diving opportunities in particular. If adventure is the purpose of your trip, then do not miss this place.


Dahab: This is a great opportunity for diving, windsurfing, and rock climbing.
Siwa Oasis: It is one of the oldest and most popular tourist destinations and you will find mud built forts.

Alexandria: The city is famous for its history and past attractions.


Luxor: visit Luxor's medium-sized and ancient temples.


Cairo: Cairo is the starting point for most of the Nile cruise ships, but also the past treasurer of Egypt. 


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