Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Camel Ride Tour in Giza Pyramids

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo and book online budget   Camel ride trip in the open desert of the Pyramids of Giza at sunrise and sunset camel ride time. Enjoy a trip to the pyramids of Giza desert trip to Cairo in an unusual way to visit the Giza Pyramids. These tours and rides are usually available at sunset or sunrise the sun is the best version of the tour in Cairo, which will take you to the ancient history, let`s you feel ancient life


When tourists come to Egypt today, they live in luxury resorts in the comfortable hotel complex with beautiful swimming pools and surrounded by a solid green. But Egypt - it is also a desert with nomads, constantly struggling with sand storms and lack of water, sharp fluctuations in temperature and daylight heat.

The symbol of Egypt is the Pyramids, and the second symbol of the country- the camels. As the desert in Egypt surrounds throughout, and camels can be found everywhere, even on the beach. In order to experience the flavor of the country, the best option would be to leave the hotel with its cozy beaches and go into the wilderness. Such excursions are offered everywhere. It would be amazing to go to Egypt and not to ride a camel. Camel riding is very popular among tourists at Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin. This entertainment thrills and leaves a sea of ​​emotions.


Camels are very peaceful and good-natured animals and rumors that they spit greatly exaggerated. Although it is possible that tourists pick calm animals. When resting, the camels are usually seemed quite low and animals. Lying camel is relatively compact because their long legs they tuck under itself so that, together with the body to form a single lump. 

Maybe so, camels manage to better tolerate sand storms, since they are fewer blows. If you pay attention to the muscles of the camel, we can see their power and strength. When the camels rise and stand on your feet, it is immediately clear what they really high. This is especially felt when climbing on a camel. The Desire to jump does not occur, especially in the desert sand on the beach is different, because it is not as soft, but on the contrary, almost pressed as asphalt.


Even the most inexperienced rider and the man sat down on a camel for the first time, stay on it will not be difficult. It is these camels used for tourist riding in the desert. When you want to climb up or get off the camel, he crouches down, only after it sat down, he rises to his feet. It is believed that it is more convenient to sit on a camel than a horse, because of its hump. But do not forget that camels are much higher than the horses, and especially Egypt, it is not recommended to jump from it because you can get hurt.  Book Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin to get the best deals and discounts! 



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