Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Enjoy Egypt Nile Cruises tours for this New Year

A first-time visitor to Egypt can enjoy the classical experience of travelling with Nile cruises. It is obvious that modern airlines moved out travelers to the Southern Egypt, but traditionally the Nile Cruises was the only approach to reach tombs and temples located along the shore of river. It was a great means of exploring Upper Egypt that offers multiple advantages of travelling the country.

First, it is very good to unpack and once you have Nile Cruise by Ask Aladdin with you, rather than the hectic schedule that attends the stop and accomplish journeys of air and land tours. But, besides the deluxe mode of travel, there are ample of other advantages. The Nile trips offer a huge variety of antiquities along the river shores. But equally significant, they allow travelers to get a perspective of the Egypt emperor, where people live in the similar way that lived 100 of centuries ago; in mud houses, nurturing fields with wooden plows. It will give you a wonderful experience of soothing nature; simply sit on the bench under shaded terrace of the floating hotel. 

Nile Cruises by Ask Aladdin can vary considerably, but distinctive Nile Cruises are of either 7, 4 or 3 nights. Shorter trips operate between Aswan and Luxor while longer trips travel to the Dendera and offers you chance to explore remote locations of the country. Therefore, 24-day complete tour include seven day trip in the Cairo where you will get a chance to watch museums, pyramids and other antiquities while, a short journey of Abu Simbel that is surrounded by Nile River.

The floating boats of river Nile cruise include pool, gyms, good restaurant, libraries, Jacuzzis, and pools. Depending upon the budget, choose the perfect tour for holidays. Some boats have suites available for visitors. Expensive boats have air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, and televisions while other boats are well equipped with cameras that allow travelers sightsee by the TV. The best part about floating hotels is that they arrange evening shows, disco lights, cocktail parties, belly clothing and Nubian shows for the visitors. All you need is to wear according to theme and enjoy the dance. Like reputed hotels, these boats offer buffet style delicious food belonging to different cuisines. 

If you want to enjoy more adventurous Nile tour, go for traditional sailing in the Nile River. Usually, the feluccas are famous for short trips of several hours but you can also choose long term day trip. These day trips are usually arranged to travel between Luxor and Aswan.
There is no link between felucca style and floating hotel.  The facilities are primitive in felucca. One should know that during Mid-April month the locks of River Nile remain closed because of water levels, while between the months of October to mid-April, the locks remain open as the weather remains pretty cool. However, most cruise boats provide services all around the year. Check the price carefully before booking your trip.
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