Thursday, 22 September 2016

Nile Cruises - Spend Memorable Holidays in Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries that lend itself to its superlatives, the pyramids, the colorful traditional bazaars, the oldest temples and the most beautiful rivers. For a water based trip, a typical tour to Nile River Cruise will give you a satisfactory and surprising amount of time being spent on the land. You will get a fair share of climbing the stairs, and get the glimpse to the sites that are more ancient than the Cleopatra rule itself.

A Nile Cruise can present you with some logistical challenges that differ from those that are ever found on the regular cruise. With so many tour opportunities and beautiful scenes, you will be left confused on whether to keep moving ahead or back off to your ship and hotel to take a refuge. Sailing through the water of this blissful river, you will realize that little has changed into this city of Pharaoh and you can see farmers tending the land with hoes, families living on the bans of rivers with mud brick homes just like they did thousands of years back.

The modern and huge ocean liners stand nowhere at a pace with the Nile. The waterways have been graced with the sailing vessels and traditional feluccas that are being used to ferry tourists around the world. It is interesting that around 280 ships are being ferried to the nation’s best preserved monuments and beauty. Cruising is the easiest way for the tourists to get engaged in the Nile River and explore the tombs and temples. River cruise ships are limited to touring between Aswan and Luxor as a result of security concerns.

Best Time for Nile River Cruises

The best time to go and ferry through the Nile cruise by Ask Aladdin is between October and April as the temperature these days is not very much hot. The right temperature is important as you will be hopping on and off to visit the temple along the way. The heat in Egypt is hard and it is not recommended to you to visit the Nile or any other part of the country during peak summer months. The average temperature during such times is beyond 40 degree Celsius and gets even more hot when you inside the tombs. There are no shades around during such season as the country is dry most of the times.

The Nile River Cruise Lines

Although there are plenty of river boats to cruise the Nile, they tend not to vary in size. The itinerary size may also vary.

At a Glance: The usual three nights cruise from Aswan sailing to Luxor while visiting the High dam, the temple of Philae, Edfu and Esna and then to Luxor.

Mid-length: A slightly longer tour that includes all the above spots as well as felucca ride, Karnak temple visit, Elephantine Island and the tomb of the nobles.

Weeklong Trip: You can take a seven night trip that either starts from Luxor to Aswan or Aswan to Luxor. It includes all of the above spots but is divided into smaller breaks to get a relaxed trip.


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