Friday, 17 July 2015

Luxury Nile cruise: Make your trip magnificent with Ask-Aladdin

When on a trip to Egypt apart from visiting the pyramids and various other ancient structures dating back to many centuries, one can also choose to go for cruises on the river Nile. There are several tours which are organized by various travel agents. Ask Aladdin is one such travel agency which conducts tours of visitors to Egypt. The tours organized by them are all inclusive packages. Visitors need not worry about transportation, accommodation or the various places that they are going to visit while on a cruise. This is because at Ask Aladdin they take care of everything and one just needs to enjoy and have lot of fun while on a cruise trip.


There are several itineraries from which you can choose the one that suits your preference. There are short as well as long trips which are organized for the guests.  The Nile cruise trips not only include some great time for the cruise itself amidst great surroundings but also visit to the various temples and ancient structures that falls on the way.

When travelling with Ask Aladdin which has several Nile cruises trips, you need not worry about anything as all the itinerary are planned well by the tour operators. Meals are served as the buffet and there is wide variety of options to choose from. However, the meals are served at a fixed time of the day which will be made know to you at the beginning itself. Coffee and Tea are also served at regular intervals. If you want to indulge yourself and want to go for some choicest drinks, a well stocked bar is also there at your service at all times.

The fact that you are travelling on a ship does not make your nightlife less interesting. Several entertainment programs are conducted on each night that you spend on board. Cocktail parties are also organized by the staff members for the guests. There are dancing shows where you can participate and have a great time. Local singers and bands also perform to entertain the guests.
One need not worry about safety when on board. The entire cruise is well equipped with safety measures such as life jackets and the likes. The guests are guided with regard to the safety measures so that they can take adequate precautions should the need arise. The ships also have safety deposited boxes in all the rooms where you can deposit your valuables.
Nile cruise

Most of the cruise also has called facilities and you can call back home at anytime from the ship itself. First aid box and doctors on board are additional features. If you feel sick the doctors are called immediately to take care of you. Also, in case there are no doctors on board, the travel agencies usually arranges for doctors at the next stop to take care of the guest. Well being of the guests is of prime importance during tours organized by Ask Aladdin.

The rooms in the cruise offer great view and are very comfortable and spacious. Often equipped with AC and TV these rooms are a great place to relax while enjoying the outside view. You can also avail the option of going for a SPA treatment to rejuvenate your senses.

The luxurious cruise is made available to the guests so that they can enjoy the wonders of Nile and discover ancient history of Egypt and experience the countries treasures. When in Egypt apart from the various sightseeing options, one must not miss the cruise tour to get a life time experience.


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