Thursday, 5 June 2014

Egypt’s customs and tradition – story of a civilization

The Customs and traditions of Egypt have a recorded history, which goes back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian civilizations are considered to be one of the earliest civilizations in the world. For ages, Egypt upheld an amazingly complex and steady culture that had a strong impact later on cultures of  the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The early Egyptian culture blossomed in c. 5600 BCE with the growth of knowledge and ended in 30 CE. It is well-known today for the great memorials and monuments which marked the victories of the kings and pleased the deities of the land. The culture is often misinterpreted. I was once believed to be revolving around death, but this is not the case. Had it been so, Ancient Egyptian Culture wouldn’t have had such a great impact on other ancient civilizations like Rome and Greece.


A wealthy land of cultural variety, the people of Egypt have numerous interesting traditions.If you want to know about the Customs and traditions of Egypt, you need to know about its background. The forefathers of the Egyptians came from the land of Arabia, Turkey and Ancient Egypt. Traditions may differ between diverse cultural groups and even by topographical area in this huge country. All these people coming from different areas of the world, migrating at one place, gave rise to a very complex, yet colorful tradition. 
In the early stages of the civilization, there was a confusion among people with regards to their nationality. They were confused.

Family has always played an important role in ancient Egyptian society.Dishonoring one’s family or any of the family members, was considered to a serious social crime


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