Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Myths and Mysteries of Egyptian Pyramids
The moment we hear the name of Egypt the very next thought comes in our minds is of a Pyramid and it is vice versa. The pyramids are the most ancient manmade structure ever made in the history of mankind. The mythology and curiosity surrounding the construction of Pyramids have always attracted tourists towards it. These pyramids are counted among the few wonders of the world and it is very well deserved of the tag. There are books, blogs, and theories talking about the history and architecture of the pyramids. Egyptian Pyramids are actually the tombs of the great Kings; they are made up of mud bricks and limestone. 

Pyramids looks very mysterious just like they actually are. No one exactly knows who did the design of the buildings in triangle shapes. They are constructed somewhere between 2630BCE to 2611(Before Common Era), there was no machine or proper architectural equipments available to the mankind but still the Egyptians have managed to build monuments so huge and tall. There are many myths surrounded by these pyramids, some say that the Gods have built them; some says the great kings have built them with a massive number of workers which few historians have doubted can go till 100,000. There are also believes that these tombs have hidden treasures of millions and trillions. 
The myths and mysteries around surrounding the pyramids attracts the tourists across the globe, people from different nations come to visit Egypt to experience the mystery and divinity surrounding these Egyptian Pyramids



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