Thursday, 16 January 2014

Egypt Tourism Guide - Some Important Information Before Traveling to Egypt

 The trip to Egypt is bound to gift you myriad warm memories. But before you tie in your traveling shoes, you should take help of the Egypt tourism guide by Askaladdin to go through certain facts and tips. 

Egypt’s weather is not very friendly. It is a hot country and has a pretty dry and unbearable level of humidity. You may find it difficult to adjust to the sultry heat during the summer. So light white clothes are recommended and with oodles of protective gears like hats and sun glasses. In case you are traveling during the winter, you will be spared the wrath of the sun. But be prepared for mood fluctuations by the weather. In winter, Egypt can get very cold at night and relatively warmer during the daytime.

Egypt tourism guide by Askaladdin can also be helpful for finding out the kind of clothes you are expected to wear. Islam, the religion followed in this part of the world, prohibits women to reveal their skin. So, refrain from any cloth which shows bare skin of the torso, cleavage and legs. Basically, try to snuggle into full-sleeved clothes which will cover most part of your hands and legs. 

Most tourists complain of bad or unhygienic water. So, try to avoid tap water or even iced drinks. It is ideal to purchase mineral water especially if you are over-hygienic or extra-sensitive person. 

Safety information which you must keep in mind is that you must not accept food or drinks by anybody who is unknown to you. Though the person may be genuinely good and friendly, but there is always a wolf amongst the lambs. It is better to be on your guard!


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