Tuesday, 25 June 2013

4 Egypt tourist attractions nobody in his right mind would miss

When you are intending to travel to a foreign country, then it is always best to have a fair amount of knowledge about the major attractions of the destination. You would really regret if you miss out on some interesting sites because of your ignorance or lack of awareness. Egypt too has great attractions spreading over cities like Cairo, Aswan, Alexandri, Sharm el Sheikh and Luxor. But there are some which are must-visits and cannot be missed.

Here are the 4 Egypt tourist attractions nobody in his right mind would miss:

i.                    Pyramids of Giza: Giza’s gigantic pyramids are the most coveted destinations for any backpacker, tourist or historian. Young or old, male or female- anyone who lands on the Egyptian soil needs to gorge his eyes on the Giza’s pyramids. 

ii.                  Sphinx: Another top attraction in Giza is the enigmatic and intriguing Sphinx. The Sphinx and the pyramids are located nearby. So you do not have to bear any hassle for traveling exclusively to check out the Sphinx. Unlike pyramids which are found in multiple numbers, the Sphinx is a singular attraction. Just like Lord Voldemort, it has its nose missing. 

iii.                Egyptian Museum: Cairo is a city which is best known for its museums and markets. The most notable of such Egypt tourist attractions is the Egyptian Museum which has a powerful ensemble of historic artifacts from the country. Amongst several other things, you can even eye the mummies and the papyrus inside this house.

iv.                Luxor Temple: Another attraction you simply cannot afford to miss is the Luxor Temple. Its greatest USP is that it is the largest ancient temple which is still in existence.


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