Tuesday, 2 April 2013

7 souvenirs you must bring back from Egypt

You can visit the pyramids and hop over to the museums. But it would be unwise to return back from your Egypt tours without a souvenir. There are plenty of shops and bazaars in the country, and you must explore them to pick some mementos.

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Here are some souvenirs which are popularly brought back from Egypt:

i.                    Miniature pyramids: They remind you of the unique and ancient wonder of the world; they can be presented away as gifts and they can be put on display at your showcase. And since, you cannot bring home the real ones, these miniature models are the best alternatives.

ii.                  Mini shisha: The country is high on smoking shisha, which is like the hookah! You can bring one of these from your private Egypt tours.

iii.                Papyrus: At some shops, you will also come across scrolls and parchments of papyrus. They can also be bought as memorable souvenirs.

iv.                Gold: If you love gold and jewels, then allow yourself the luxury of splurging! Use your Egypt tours to hunt for some enamoring gold pieces.

v.                  Khartouche: It is an item which dates back to the era of the Pharaohs. It will serve as a unique memento and is also pretty cheap in cost.

vi.                Scarab: Scarab has a mythological and religious association. It symbolizes the sun and looks pretty much like a beetle. They have unique looks and can make for memorable souvenirs.

vii.              Camels filled with sand: Sand-filled camels are miniature versions of the animal. They are pretty much like small toys which are full of sand. They can evoke pleasant reminiscences of your happy holiday in the Egyptian land. 


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