Friday, 22 February 2013

Egypt vacation-discover a culture which is ancient yet vibrant

Egypt needs little introduction as it is the country which gave birth to the one of the greatest civilizations in the world. What one identifies immediately with Egypt are the Pyramids, the river Nile and the soaring minarets, but there is so much more to explore on their Egypt vacation.

The majority of the tours for Egypt begin in Cairo and the city is a whirlwind of chaos, medieval charms, architectural wonders and exotic bazaars. Luxor is up the river and is the site of Thebes. Full of magnificent ancient burial tombs and temples, Luxor is a feast for the eyes. Once you go further South on your Egypt vacation, you will come across Aswan which boasts of more impressive temples which are a testimony to the powers of the ancient Gods and the Pharaohs.

Nile tours normally begin or end at Aswan and you can sail in the traditional felucca to the Kitchener Island or the Elephantine Island. Onwards to the West and you can spot the crystal, clear waters of the Red Sea gleaming with coral reefs and full of a teeming aquatic life. The deserts of Sinai beckon the faithful on their Egypt vacation as this is where Moses had a chat with God! Backpackers need not feel left out; they can spend the remaining days of their Egypt vacation at Dahab, the Shangri-La of the backpackers!

Discover the secrets of Egypt on your Egypt vacation and come away mesmerized by a culture which is both ancient yet vibrant.


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