Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Egypt trip: Experience the mystiques and mysteries of Egypt pyramids

Seeing a pyramid is the ultimate desire of any ardent backpacker. Even the thought of these old and gigantic structures can make the hair at the back of your neck stand up in thrill. Egypt pyramids have always lured thousands of travelers into this country from all pockets of the world. There is an inherent and ubiquitous charm about them which is so infectious and irresistible. Perhaps, it has got to do something with the element of mystery and horror which one can associate with the construction of these tombs and the rituals carried out after the death of the Pharaohs. Now the pharaohs are all dead and the clandestine secrets of their rituals are no longer observed, but the legacy draws millions for an Egypt trip.

Egypt and Jordan tours basically tempt tourists because of their historical treasures. Giza is a must-visit destination for finally seeing the pyramids and the sphinx with your own eye. Cairo also packs in a punch with an amalgamation of mosques, museums and other myriad sites. The Tutankhamen’s tomb is one of the most stunning attractions. Its biggest USP is the fact that it is shrouded by mystery and controversy. Ideally, one can always hire a boat or cruise on the Nile for getting the best available experience. Any professional holiday provider can arrange a Nile cruise for you. Plus, they also offer Egypt travel advice to help you acclimatize to the local culture and atmosphere.

One of the must-do things in the country involves a cruise ride down the Nile River. The itinerary is arranged to suit the general needs of the tourists. You are taken via river to all the incredible places about which you have heard of so far. You can also get down for short trips to these locales and capture them forever in your cameras.  For instance, when the Egypt pyramids are at sight, you will be allowed to alight from the ship and witness the marvelous structures from a closer range. 

The various eateries and restaurants that scatter the dusty towns also help you satisfy your bellies. Egypt trip will introduce you to various new varieties of dishes, though if you are not the one to experiment, you can always fall back on the tried-n-tested conventional cuisines. Abu Simbel is an interesting stoppage during the Nile trip. It is also a place where you can satisfy your cravings for shopping and collect souvenirs, paintings and other artistic items. Most travelers like to take back something which has got the quintessential Egyptian touché. For instance, the shopkeepers sell miniature imitations of pyramids which can be kept at house as show-pieces. 

Those who have got this adventure blood flowing in their veins should also check out places like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh for digging into some cool water sports. The sports, food, culture, history and hospitality of the country are simply unearthly. With the help of a local travel agent, now you can buy Egypt and Jordan tours packages including Egypt travel advice guidebook! So, scuttle away to this land where the dead manifest themselves through their creations!


  1. Hi I heard so many stories about the pyramids and their mysteries. I was wondering if there are any night tours? Does any one know if the pyramids are open at night time? It would be so cool to do night egyptian pyramids tours
    If anyone knows please share the details! many thanks!


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