Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Private tours in Egypt with ask Aladdin the best travel agency

Travelling brings refreshment in everybody’s mind, so they pack their kits and go out to a destination whenever they manage a vacation.  When it comes to Egypt it is among the top visiting places in the world.  It is a country which has a lot of historical background & natural views which attracts travellers from all parts of the world. Whenever you visit an unknown country you must have some sort of knowledge about the country, where you are willing to visit.  Generally you can get the basic informations from the websites of the travel agencies of the domain, and when it comes to Egypt ask Aladdin is the one & only travel agency which will provide you the best company while travelling in Egypt. You can also get the basis informations & post your quires on their website. 

There is something special offered by ask Aladdin.  Often it can be seen that the travel agencies are carrying their tourists all together as a large family, which involves large crowd, and the expert provided by the agency guides all the families not only you & your family. But ask Aladdin offers Tours to Egypt where there will be a single guide for every family or a group booked as a whole for the tour. So it ensures you to have a nice tour free from the noises from other people as well as you don’t have to communicate with other people coming from the other parts of the world. If you already have experience of other travel agencies then you must know that they offers a single guide or a group of guides for all the travellers and they takes the visitors where they want or there is a guideline for the tourist spots. Your guide will take you to the places where you wish to go just mark with your hand from the travelling car & if there is no problem to visit the guide will take you to that place. They also offer some activities for children & adults to help them to stay away tiredness.

The travelling packages offered by ask Aladdin includes the famous places of Egypt like Nile cruises, sphinx of Giza, Red Sea resort, marvels of king Tut’s treasures at museums of Egypt, Pyramids etc.  And also they prefer your requirements, wherever you want to visit. The Egypt Travel Packages are of variety of ranges as it starts from $455 and also have the ranges like $490, $3900, $2450 and so on. The charge varies with the number of travelling days; there is a package of $4300 which covers all the places with a day’s limit of 26 so that if you have enough time just go for it.

Egypt tourism is again emerging after passing through some political instability but now Egypt is totally safe to travel. Just carry the identity documents all time with you whenever you go out.


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