Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Egypt travel advice- some important tips to make your vacation hassle-free

Egypt holidays can be a once in a lifetime experience and you would like to make sure that nothing goes wrong on your much anticipated vacation. So, it would be prudent to arm yourself with some Egypt travel advice to make the most of your holiday. 

Before booking your vacation, take the weather in consideration. Bear in mind that summers in Egypt can get scorching hot with temperatures rising to 50degree C in the desert (and that is where the main attractions of Egypt lie) and the heat can get downright unbearable. The best time for an tours for Egypt would probably be between November and March when the weather is pleasant and sightseeing becomes pleasurable rather than a sweaty and uncomfortable affair. But, do remember that nights can get quite chilly especially in the desert and it is wise to pack some warm clothing. If you are keen to swim in the Red Sea, December and February are not good months as the water is pretty cold.

How many holidays have got ruined by packing the wrong clothes? The surprising answer is ‘quite a few’! So, another sage piece of Egypt travel advice would be to pack the right clothes and accessories. Sturdy shoes, sunblock and scarves are mandatory and if going in the summer the clothing should be light as well as modest for both men and women. Apart from your personal medicines, carrying malaria tablets and mosquito repellents is not a bad idea

Although train travel within Egypt is popular, you will be better off if you opt for ‘wagon-lits’ sleeper class instead of third class. There is a very good bus service too connecting all the major cities but, again, opt for the deluxe coaches for long journeys. There are service taxis called ‘bijous’ also available. If you can, try and take a 3-days ‘felucca’ or sailing boat ride from Aswan to Esn or Edfu. It will be an unforgettable experience. If you can’t manage this, at least take a sunset ride down the Nile for a most memorable time. 

Accommodation is not a problem and from international luxury chains of hotels to modest ones, you will find them all in Egypt. Get acquainted with a few useful Arabic phrases and words and enjoy the local cuisine. Soak up some culture in the big cities by taking in a night of ‘sufi’ music or some belly dancing.  

If you are the type who would rather that everything is pre-arranged for you (and let’s face it, touts, like anywhere else can drive you up the wall), Egypt package tours may be the answer. It will take out all the hassles of planning your holiday and you can just go with the flow. 


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