Monday, 21 May 2012

Ask Aladdin Number one Egypt Guide

To travel a country first thing comes to everyone’s mind to find a travel guide who will explore the facts of the various places & will guide him through travelling. If your aim is to travel Egypt don’t worry about travel guides, we are there to solve your problem. We Ask Aladdin an Egypt based agency guides you all along Egypt wherever you go. Ask Aladdin presently occupying top spot for travel guides in Egypt is a well-known agency due to reliability & service. It does not matter about how much you know about this country, we will take you to the top most spots of Egypt. This country has some famous historical spots which attracts travellers for over the year, if you wish we can take you to theses spots also. 

You will get all the information regarding Egypt on our website . We have some travel experts basically those who are well aware about each & every places of Egypt. So if you have any queries you can freely ask all & our experts will answer all of that.  The information’s you need before booking flight tickets like environment, health tips etc. all will be provided by us. After you arrive to Egypt from then you are in totally our responsibility. Egypt Holidays, will provide you an exclusive service at very nominal cost & you will never forget about that in future; that’s the way of our policy to dealing with clients. We can assure you a trip with lots of fun & happenings. is the official website of our agency where you will get all the information’s on our offers & packages which will cover all the famous places of this historic country. Our experts are very efficient on travel knowledge who will guide you through your travelling. Some of the spots like Nile cruises, pyramids, red sea, pyramids, Sphinx of Giza, the marvels of King Tut, Temple of Queen Hatshepsutetc. are also included in our packages. At first our experts will consult with you & they will suggest after talking with you for a package of your mind. We will keep you in some of the top hotels & will provide a single guide for your family. The other agencies are far behind at present due to the service& customer handling of ask Aladdin; the other agencies offers their own way & you have to go ahead by their choice but for us we will take you the spots where you wish, like while going to a place you addressed to a side we will take you surely to that place & our expert will tell the facts about that place. For this you don’t need to keep a map, you can just enjoy with your family or friends, no disturbance from third parties. We offer special activities like gaming or etc. for children & senior citizens so that they can enjoy on their way. To know more on that visit; thus enjoy your trip & have fun.


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