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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Things To Know Before Your Egypt And Jordan Trip

Regardless of the place you are planning to visit, it pays to find out as much as possible about the location. In this instance, you opted to combine Egypt and Jordan in your itinerary. Upon combining these two destinations, you have to invest time to explore them. If you continue reading this topic, then you will learn about several other points of consideration.

Since the Revolution in 2011, Egypt's tourism endured a massive setback. Tourists began to look at Cairo as a war zone, and so they stayed away. However, Egypt has a mysterious allure that an avid traveler can’t resist. Despite all the political unrest, tourism began to rise again. Today, Egypt is again one of the most preferred tourist locations in the world.

Jordan, on the other hand, is a small country, but it makes up for what it lacks in terms of hospitality, culture, history, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jordan offers a barrage of opportunities to an adventurous tourist. Just like Egypt, Jordan appears a conflict-ridden nation. As a result, timid tourists tend to stay away. However, the reality is different from what you believe. It is a highly welcoming and peaceful destination that you shouldn’t miss.

For Egypt

  1. Dangerous streets: The one thing that you must prepare yourself for is the chaos of the streets of Egypt. Even the best tourism companies such as can’t guarantee your safety during the Egypt and Jordan Trip if you aren’t careful. Understandably, they wish to inform you about the unregulated condition of the roads of Egypt. The government never imposed restrictions in terms of the speed limit. You won’t see many traffic lights either. Therefore, you have to be extremely cautious when you are on the streets.

  1. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper: Since Egypt is a third-world country; you can’t expect the public restrooms to be classy. You will notice during the Egypt and Jordan Trip that the sanitary standards are extremely low. Hence, you should carry soaps, hand sanitizers, and rolls of toilet paper.

  1. Be respectful: Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country. You probably know that Muslims have a highly conservative culture. Make sure to respect the local culture by dressing appropriately. This rule is the same for both males and females. You must try to cover your arms and legs in public areas. You can wear whatever you want in the main tourist sites, such as the pyramids.

For Jordan

  1. The pass to Jordan: Most people don’t pay attention to Jordan while thinking of an appropriate travel destination. However, those who explored this place found it extremely impressive. You should consider purchasing a pass in Jordan that you will need if you plan to stay there for more than three nights. You have to buy it online. It covers over forty attractions in Jordan, including Petra.

  1. Driving here is difficult: You will probably visit Jordan under the guidance of a travel agency. It is also the best thing to do because you will have to rent a car to explore if you go there on your own. Everything about driving is relatively tolerable in Jordan, except the speed limit. So, if high speeds scare you, then you shouldn’t acquire the driving seat.

  1. Clothing in Jordan: Just like Egypt, Jordan is a Muslim country. The dress code here is somewhat similar for both men and women. Previous tourists recommend that you put on clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. Otherwise, you might notice the natives staring at you, and it can be quite uncomfortable.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Things That Make You Love Egypt Holiday

Even though Egypt has some fascinating large cities and engaging modern culture, I won't lie: the main reason I needed to visit was for the ancient sites.

If one wanted to tour ancient Egypt. one needed to see the powerful pyramids and the tombs and all the hieroglyphics. I wanted to ride a felucca and tour temples and act out all the illusions of my youth of being an Egyptologist.

1. Pyramids And Sphinx In Giza

If one memory comes to mind when you think of Egypt holidays, there's a big possibility that it's going to be the pyramids, or possibly the Sphinx. These most iconic ancient structures have more or less become the figures of Egypt, so it happens that they're the most famous sites for people to visit.

The Great Pyramids of Giza are more then 4000 years old and are the only original ancient World Wonder still in survival. You'd think that something 4000+ years old would be in remains by now, but things last a long time in Egypt – the pyramids are in excellent state!
2. Abu Simbel Temples

Pharaoh Ramesses II, who ruled for 66 years during Egypt's Nineteenth Dynasty, is recognized as one of the most famous leaders of ancient Egypt. And one can assume part of this Egypt Holiday is because of all the building he did throughout his reign to suggest people how wonderful he was. You can observe the consequences of Ramesses II at several of Egypt's ancient sites, and you can't refuse from them since Ramesses chose to put his face on things.

3. Valley Of The Kings In Luxor

Just as one doesn't believe you can make these holiday without comprehending the pyramids, you also shouldn't go without touring the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. This is where all the essential pharaohs of ancient Egypt were entombed. And, even though nearly all of the tombs were robbed long ago (“in antiquity,” as most of the signs will say), the carvings and pictures under are still in-tact in the most significant of the tombs.

This is a popular place for both foreign and Egyptian tourists to haveHolidays, so you can assume it to be moderately busy. But, it's such an iconic view that you should still go-gogo as quick as you can.

4. Philae Temple In Aswan

The Abu Simbel temples weren't the just ones relocated after the construction of the High Dam in Aswan. In particular, between 1964 and 1980, no fewer than 22 buildings and temple complexes were shifted entirely to save them from being engulfed in Lake Nasser. Philae Temple was one of these and now remains on Agilka Island in Aswan.

Philae is different in that it was utilized frequently during the Ptolemaic Dynasty – the last dynasty of ancient Egypt before the Romans captured it, and the ancient Egyptian religion began to give way to Christianity. The temple was devoted to the goddess Isis (and also connected to her husband, Osiris, and son, Horus), but early Christians used next as a church.


Friday, 15 November 2019

A perfect Day In Cairo - How to Spend A Full Day in Egypt

These days’ people don't want to visit Egypt because they think it is less safe. Yet hardly people start to believe that it is 100% secure, but you can't consider any country 100% secure. Now Egypt has taken safety and security their primary concern to ensure a better environment for the tourists.Now Egypt is safe to visit, and the government has established security checkups and guards everywhere to make sure that the public is safe here. 
Egypt Holiday

With the passage of time, Egypt is evolving rapidly; still, Cairo is filled with so many unshakable constants. The ancient past of this city; art and music, has its cultural base. Here are some tips on how you can spend one day in Egypt. 

Egypt Holiday


This place deserves your attention, pack yourself, and plan your day from 8 am, to wander around these three amazing pyramids of Pharaohs Khufu, khafre, Menkaure. Grand Egyptian Museum, which is the most significant source of attraction due to the massive statue of Ramses II and King Tut's golden death mask. In Giza, every minute of Egypt Holiday you spend will open up the shreds of ancient history.

Egypt Holiday


Perhaps visiting the museum is not ll tourist wish to do, but in the case of this museum, you won't let yourself go. It has items more than 12,000 that are well preserved; the grave of King Tut is the creepiest thing, and also it will review the childhood history books. You will see most of the mummies even had some hair and nails on their fingers! Quite creepy, but it is very refreshing to gaze at them. Unfortunately, inside taking pictures is not allowed, you need to stay nicely to the rules and enjoy the charm of Egypt Holiday.

Egypt Holiday


The famous Khan el-Khalili market, something that you can say fun to close off the day with. This place has been a center for commerce, and mainly, it is occupied with the small Egyptian businessmen. Tourism has fallen quite a lot in the past years, and the vendors can be somewhat offensive because you might be the only customer they have for the whole day. It is preferable to shop there because the price is low. After you shop, you can go for the coffee and shisha shops, to enjoy the lovely mint tea. If you doubt that Cairo is safe or not, then here is the thing you need to know. Yes, there was news about terrorism in Egypt, and this ceases the tourism in Egypt. There have been so many attacks that scare the public. The terrorists targeted security forces, religious sites, and gathering places in Egypt. Moreover, in 2018, the bomb attack went off near to the pyramids and killed three Vietnamese tourists along with the tourist guide. Dozens of people that surround Egypt also get injured; the attack was a massive loss to the Egypt. 
Egypt Holiday

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Famous shows and concerts in Egypt

Aura of Egypt gives a sense of incredibility. The land is filled with lots of mesmerizing facts and great structures of ancient times. To show the glances of history, lots of shows happen there. Most of the famous art and culture shows are as follow; 

Trip to Egypt

Makan - traditional music in Cairo
Here the traditional culture and art run with folk songs and music. You will enjoy the women's zar, which is a musical trance and also known as a healing ritual that happens on Wednesday nights. 

Sound & Light Show - in Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel is also famous for its sound and light show. You will be provided with the headphones so that contemporary in different languages can be audible clearly. This laser shows over the temples will show you the real glimpse of the beauty and art of Egypt. This is somehow the best part of your trip to Egypt. 

Trip to Egypt

Darb 1718- arts centre in Cairo
This is an amazing place if you want to see real contemporary art. You will be surprised by the fun offered by this place. Their regular programs of Egyptians bands and concerts run in the nights. You can save these beautiful memories of night show during your Egypt Holiday. 

El Dammah Theatre - Traditional Music in Cairo
On Thursdays, Friday, and Saturday, musical ensembles happen in Cairo. These include the Rango, a trance, and folk group which perform the Sudanese dance and performance by the EI Tamboura Band, who plays simsimiyya. 

Trip to Egypt

Teatro Eskandariya - arts centre in Alexandria
This is the art centre rests in the heart of Alexandria, and offers the live contemporary theatre, gigs along with the art exhibition. On the other hand, you can enjoy the company of books and craft shops. Don’t forget to visit restaurants and cafes over there.

Sound & Light Show- in Philae
Well, contemplate is filled with cheesy taste, but nothing can beat the beauty of sound and light show in Philae. This counts under the main attractions in Egypt. Through the sound and light show, the history of Egypt is framed which sublimates the language. This is one that you shouldn't miss during your Egypt Holiday

Trip to Egypt

El Sawy Culture Wheel - Live Music in Cairo
During this night show, the rock and jazz bands of Egypt show live and enthusiastic performance. If you are with your children then you can enjoy the puppet shows there. 

Cairo Puppet Theatre
This is the world's best and biggest puppet theatre. All shows use Arabic but, with colourful and animated presentations. It is good for all ages, this will make your trip memorable. 

Trip to Egypt

Al Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe
This is one of the troupes of Sufi dance in Egypt. The more colourful and gracious, along with the white-clad Turkish dervishes, the performance here at least three times in a week. This is the only spot where you can see the real medieval spaces. Usually, they come one hour before to reserve their seats, this is quite interesting. 

Monday, 19 August 2019

How to Make Your Egypt Vacation Successful In 2019

For making the Egypt vacation successful in 2019 you should have the strong and planned itinerary first. This should include the cost of traveling in Egypt, food specialty information, you must be aware of the hassle factor, how to get around in Egypt? What sought of hotels will be good to opt for if you are going to Egypt to explore the place to the fullest? What sought clothes to carry and what to wear and many other things you should be clear with before starting your journey in Egypt. So, try to learn as much as you can before visiting to Egypt.

  • This place is less of vacation and more of hard work because here you can find fantastic treasurable things like red step and broken pyramids.

  • Egypt is currently incredibly cheap along with accommodation and traveling expenses. As compared to 50+ countries.

  • Egypt vacation can be of more fun when you have the entire knowledge about every aspect. Now coming to food, you can have the best knowledge about the food from your hotel owner or your driver. Egyptian food is not much spicy, but the good fact is there are a lot of vegetarian options and the prices are low or we can say its super affordable.

  • After exploring one place there will be chances that you want to see Cairo than it will be a journey of one day from Egypt to Cairo or to Sharm-el – sheik. It will be always good for you to explore the place in the early morning because with the passing day you might get irritated with the hot weather if at all you are planning to visit Egypt in May to July.

  • Now the question comes what to wear in Egypt? Stay covered to show respect to their culture and try to keep your body safe from the sun rays. You need to have hat and scarf to cover head and face from heat and dust or sometimes flies as well, so, do not forget to keep all the essentialities that will help you to survive there.

  • Use to book your hotels or other accommodation that will make your journey the easy go trip. Well, the red sea can be considered as the true holiday package tour because there you can experience a lot of adventure. Make your Egypt vacation memorable by following the itinerary.

Here to conclude, Egypt vacation can be fantastic when planned and implemented beautifully. Egypt has a diverse culture it can be the a fun time to visit the place and learn more about their cultural values. This place is rich in  its ancient civilization and amazing landscapes, people who love to go sightseeing they should definitely not miss the chance of taking a trip in cruises. Its beauty, nature , and surrounding attract many tourists. Hence, Egypt tour will lead you to the many unknown facts that will surely make your 2019 trip a successful one.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


The centuries-old civilization, captivating monuments, Giant Pyramids of the Egyptian country attract thousands of visitors every year and thus helps Egypt country to boost its economy through tourism. The magnificent temples, spectacular stone structures bewitched tourist around the globe. Besides this, the residents here live in utter harmony and gives importance to other people’s culture and customs also. Egypt’s culture and traditions are correct, cosmopolitan. The various ethnic groups here correctly execute sound solidarity.

Apart from traveling through the country’s glorious monuments, there are numerous other exciting activities Egypt offer to its visitors. A trip to Egypt will make your vacation beautiful, whether you are on vacation with family or friends. Egypt is abundant in its delicious cuisine, heart-filled activities, magnificent sightseeing, and so on. One’s trip can be memorable with the best services offered by Ask Aladdin where professional travel experts are dedicated to serving you 24X7. The several Egypt tour packages can get booked under affordable price.

Thus, by booking with Ask Aladdin, you can experience the best Holiday trip to Egypt.
A traveler may have visited several other countries around the world, but this ancient Egyptian land will enhance his curiosity as he proceeds to the historical past. The different rulers have invaded the country, and remnants still are there. The customs of invaders can even be spotted among the modernization of Egypt.

After having the glance of mighty Pyramids, which is as old as 6000 years who will not be astonished how the Egyptian have carved out these Rocky structures amazingly? The pyramids of Giza are the real gem in Egypt and thus makes it the most popular destination for tourists. In the country of Pharaohs around these famous Pyramids, there is a camel ride also available to have fun.
One can enjoy uncountable water sports While they are on their Vacation to Egypt. ‘The Red Sea’ is heaven for water lovers and you can dive into the activities like scuba diving, Boating, windsurfing, etc.  Travelers can also take delight in underwater scenery like superfine corals, beautiful water flora, and uncommon tropical fish as the water is warm there so makes the trip more soothing.

Unlike other European countries, a trip to Egypt would be a little cheaper. A well-researched itinerary is necessary to check and compare the ample services provided by online sites and will also help you to experience the best Holiday trip to Egypt.

Egyptian Museum and artifacts there will reveal the rest of the history which we cant’s see In Pyramids. These museums are the houses for famous excavations about which we used to read in our books. It’s like a dream to come true when we visit such beautiful places. The trip becomes more exciting when we get to know the fantastic facts attached to them.

Nowadays, Egypt has become a royal tourist spot in the entire world. With mesmerizing attractions, Egypt has dragged visitors from every corner of the world who found it worth to visit seven wonders of the world. The tons of reasons, including traveling back in the time makes this country perfect to take a trip once in the lifetime.

Friday, 19 July 2019


If one is an enthusiastic traveler, the country Egypt, which is full of ecstatic charms and hordes, millions of travelers annually is an ideal place to visit. Who will not love to explore the greatest wonders of the world in Egypt? The magnificent civilization of Egypt is truly bewitching. The sight of Cairo, the Sphinx, sublime Pyramids of Giza, the captivating Egyptian museums, relaxing beach, prominent citadel will make your itinerary everlasting.

Today there are numerous sites available online which ensures you the best offers. At Ask Aladdin, the Egypt experts will aid you in every way to make your journey an unforgettable experience. The Egypt tour packages at this site will cover every Egyptian attraction like Nile Cruises and red sea destinations. One can plan their trip with their family, friends, Business peers; this Egyptian land has something to offer to every group of people. The travel experts At Ask Aladdin will let you enjoy fantastic travel experience with their affordable tour packages. So, without getting delayed, one can book now perfect Egypt tour packages at the given below site and go crazy at the majestic Egyptian land.

The help center at Ask Aladdin has an answer for all your queries to make your trip organized and safe. One can book elite packages and fully informative tours by raising a request or a message at contact Egypt tourist information page. The various packages available for 3-7 Nights, 8-14 Nights, 15-20 Nights are packed with fun and knowledge of the historical land where the residents are incredibly generous and know well the ethics of hospitality. The Egypt splendor tour package for 7 N & 6 D includes services like sightseeing, transportation, domestic flights, and a private tour guide. One can enjoy the mesmerizing sightseeing at Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and Egyptian museums. There are the wonders of King Tutankhamen and additionally his golden death mask and lots of other artifacts that genuinely will make your Egyptian journey enjoyable.

And one’s journey is incomplete without visiting Karnak and Luxor temples. These ancient Theban Temples are must to take a visit during your vacation in Egypt. The other packages available such as Nile Legend, Egypt odyssey, Grand Egypt, Egypt Magic includes a visit to unique places. The vacationers can secure Egypt tour packages as per their affordability and interest. Besides this, the popular activities include a visit to the largest river in the world ‘the Nile River’ and snorkeling and sea diving at Red sea coast. The Red Sea coasts which are famous for Beach Resorts and Coral Reefs allures highly the vacationers around the world.

Cited among the seven wonders of the world The Egyptian country’s monuments and civilization is under preservation by the Egyptian Authorities. People mainly visit this country to marvel at the ancient architectural wonders. And then there lies the Sahara Desert to explore the freshwater springs. Traveling to Egypt country with the help of Ask Aladdin travel experts will be hassle-free, and there are special offers available as well. Thus, book now perfect Egypt tour packages with Ask Aladdin.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Mesmerizing Attractions to Explore With Egypt Tour

If you have not visited Egypt and Jordan then you have missed out on visiting some of the most fascinating places on this planet. These are surely the ultimate travel destinations. If you choose the best package then you will have one of the most memorable vacations.
Here are some of the wonderful attractions that you can explore in your Egypt and Jordon Trip:

Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza:

It must be noted that Egypt and Jordan trip  packages the best way to enjoy a wonderful vacation  and you will realise this when you visit the first place of tourist attraction and that is the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. These are structures made from stone and they were built more than 4500 years ago. Egypt Memphis. The Colossus of Ramses II, Step Pyramid of Djoser, Papyrus Institute are some of the things that you must not miss. In Cairo you must visit the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel of Saladin, old market of Cairo (Khan El-Khalili) are surely worth visiting.

Aswan and Nile cruise:

This amazing place is known for the botanical gardens and the Nubian village. You must also take the Nile cruise. You will get a chance to visit the High Dam which is the world’s largest rock-filled dam. The Temple of Philae is also worth visiting.

Abu Simbel:

Here you will get to see the rock-cut temples built by Ramses II. It must be noted that you can enter Temple of Ramses and the Temple of Nefertari.

Other places that you can visit in Egypt:

Nile Cruise to KomOmbo and Edfu and the Nile Cruise to Luxor are also very amazing. Luxor is known for tombs of the nobles and the Madinat Habu temple. In Dendara you can visit the goddess Hathor temple. In Abydos you will get to see the temple of Seti I. If you want to indulge in some sports activities then you must plan a trip to Hurghada. Alexandria is also one place which is worth visiting.


Here you must go to Madaba, the city of Mosaics. From here you must visit Petra. On your way to Petra you must visit Jordan Valley from the famous Mount Nebo and Kerakand castle. Petra is a marvellous city and it is known as the jewel of Jordan.

For more details contact

We are sure you do not want to miss out on visiting Egypt and Jordan. But for this, you need to connect with the best travel company who can make all the best travel arrangements. You must opt for This is one of the best travel companies that has been organising travel packages to Egypt and Jordan from past many years. They have a large number of clients who have had some of the most amazing trips to Egypt and Jordan. Tell them about your exact requirements. They will offer you the package accordingly. They also provide guide services and you can be rest assured that they will provide all the help that you need to plan your Egypt and Jordan holiday.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

How To Make Your Egypt and Jordon Trip In 2019

Planning for one of the most happening trips this year? Then here is a wonderful suggestion! You must opt for a trip to Egypt and to Jordon. These are surely one of the best places that you can visit this year. Now, the next thing that will come to your mind is why Egypt and Jordon Trip? Why not any other place. The reason is that these are the most wonderful destinations that you must visit at least once in your life.

Explore the most amazing things in Egypt and Jordan:

Remember one very important thing that Egypt and Jordan tour packages the best way to enjoy a wonderful vacation. You will get to visit some of the most exciting places in Egypt and Jordan.
When it comes to Egypt you get to explore the Giza Plateau. Now, this is the place where you get to see the Pyramids of Giza as well as the Great Sphinx. Then in Luxor, you get to explore the Karnak Temple. When in Egypt you also cannot miss out on the Abu Simbel temple and the Philae Temple. The Nile cruise, visit to Luxor, Cairo is things that you will remember for lifetime. Jordan is also equally amazing and you must visit the city of Petra and the Kerak castle.

Now a bit about the planning part!

Now that you have some idea about the amazing things that you can see in Egypt it is time to understand how to do the planning for the same. For this, you need to be clear about the places that you want to visit and also about your budget. If budget is not a constraint then you can go for a long vacation. But, if you cannot spend that much time in Egypt or if you have a limited budget then you may check for shorter duration packages that cover the important places in Egypt and Jordan.

Choose the best travel company:

Some people may think of planning a trip on their own. But it must be noted that this will turn out to be expensive as compared to a tour package. Also, you need to understand that in a tour package you will be with a bigger group. So naturally, you will much safer. Therefore, it is better to opt for a travel company that has the best tour packages for Egypt and Jordan. Now the next important task is choosing the best travel company. best choice:

There is absolutely nothing to worry if you select This is one of the best travel company that organises Egypt and Jordan tours. They have a number of packages of different durations and you can select the one that suits you. In case you have a specific requirement then the travel company will surely try to work out the best possible package based on your specific requirements. Make this year the most happening year of your life! Plan a trip to the amazing Egypt and mesmerizing Jordan.